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Texas Custom Dies, Inc.


 (Prices may vary depending on size and intricacy.)

Die heights we offer: 1 1/4" or 3/4" tall. Also have 2" or taller available if needed. 

  • 2"-4.5" circle  -$60 to $69 (larger circle prices vary according to size)
  • small rectangle with squared off sharp corners -$80
  • small rectangle with rounded corners - $60 to $65
  • sole dies: typically range from $60-$89, depending on size
  • custom sized mallet slot punches $95-$99 (anything larger than 1 3/16"x 3/16")
  • custom sized curved/arched mallet slot punches - $130 (avg. size 3/8" X 2")
  • small key fob with no holes: $60-$65 depending on size and design
  • Red cutting board: 40" X 20" X 1" $159 plus shipping. PRICE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  • For instructions on how to build your own shop press clicker please email us.


We prefer patterns as vector files: DWG, DXF, AI, PDF, or EPS.


You can mail in your patterns using manila-folder or poster board type paper.

Do not send leather pieces or cardboard patterns.  (Leather pieces are not considered patterns because they cannot be used in the die-making process.)

Mallet dies will not be built with any tubes inside of them. 

It is important to note with mallet dies:  You must have a solid, sturdy

table/bench to withstand the pressure needed when hitting the die 

with your 3-5 lb. blow hammer. Cutting through thick/dense material

will be a challenge with a mallet die.  Be sure to have a poly-board to

cut into.

Call the office or email us for more detail on pricing.


(888) 755-9025


Below is a list of services we offer to our customers

  • Die making
  • Die sharpening
  • Die Cutting services
  • Tube repair
  • Die repair
  • Converting mallet dies to clicker dies
  • Inserting ejection rubber into the dies
  • Labeling dies or sets of dies
  • Painting groups of dies different colors to easily separate sets.

Call or email our office for more information on any one of these services.